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Learn how to become more productive and release stress.

Our Minds are full of information however we should focus out attention carefully: Studies conducted by INSERM in Paris show that "Human brains are not capable of focusing on more than 2 complex tasks at the same time". Click Here for more info

In this brief article will explain ways to benefit our productivity (mostly free!)

1. Download the "Forest" APP (ios/android).

Staying concentrated in a world of endless social media notifications can be near impossible, this is why the Forest app exists.

Why use an app to stay off your phone? - This app ensures that you will keep your hands off your phone anywhere while reading an article for 10mins or finishing a project taking 2hrs by planting a virtual tree on a timer that will perish if you use your phone before times up. The environmentalist in me supports this app because you are able to Plant trees by staying off your phone. You gain credits the more (virtual) trees you plant and with enough of these you can have someone put a real one in the ground.

Forest App IOS $2.80 CAD

2. Exercise can Improve the power of your mind and body

"As your body moves your brain Grooves" - Jim Kwik

Research has shown time and time again that exercise is beneficial for a long, fulfilled and productive life. Here are some of my tips to bring exercise into your daily routine.

  • Working hard at the desk for hours? Studies are determining that Sitting can be as bad for your body as Smoking. Reduce blood clots and INCREASE oxygen to the brain by doing 40 air squats beside your desk, this will aid in the creation of new ideas.

- Have other ideas for quick office exercises? leave a comment below!

  • Working out also reduces stress and can treat symptoms of depression altogether!

- One Study compared results from antidepressants VS exercise You'll find the results Schocking!

3. Cold Showers

This painfully productive method forces us to do things in life we don't feel like doing.

It also acts as a super coffee for most people, sparking all their cells to life in an instant.

I have exclusively been taking cold showers for over 3 months (at the time of writing this article) I have noticed marked improvements in mental toughness. More recent studies have shown reduced inflammation in the body in brain, this is why you see Pro football players take ice baths after workouts.

"Jumping into cold showers has been proven to promote hardening, increasing tolerance to stress, and even disease" - (L.Borreli. 2014)

4. Meditation

Trouble Finding yourself? Your Passion? Easily Frustrated? Meditation can be the simple and effective cure.

I couldn't get through an article on mental clarity without mentioning Meditation.

A mindful practice done daily has increased my patience & creativity, I am no expert on back-breaking poses or Tibetan retreats. However with a few tips on:

You too can experience the benefits of this millennia old practice.

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