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How to find peace in panic ☯️

In Troubled times we find ourselves feeling anxious, helpless and full of anger. By practicing the principles below you will be able to channel your inner stoic, monk and leader to overcome when the odds are stacked against you.

Dr. Daniel Amen - Psychiatrist & CEO of six Amen Clinics

While working as a psychiatrist Dr. Amen often found himself feeling stressed out with his patients problems, on one particularly bad night he arrived home to find an ant infestation in his home! This is when the idea for A.N.T's occurred to him, Automatic Negative Thoughts were ruling peoples minds and ruining their lives.

How to spot and stop ants 🐜

Fortune Telling 🔮 - Recognize this thought when you're predicting the worst case scenario with little/no evidence, and remember if its out of your control don't worry about it!

Mind Reader 💭 - We have enough trouble understanding our own thoughts, when we try to read other peoples minds before they have said/done anything we tend to get ourselves into trouble, especially in relationships.

Guilt beatings 😤 - When deciding to take on a task doing it because we "Have to, Should, ought to" makes us do them with negativity. Instead focus on doing the task because you enjoy doing it, if your motivation is love instead of guilt you'll feel a-lot better doing it.

Blame 🙅‍♂️- The blame game is a lose-lose for everybody involved and doesn't make any real progress in our relationships or the task at hand. When you catch yourself about to blame others instead use that same energy to just complete the task and continue on your merry way.

Labeling 📝- Overgeneralizing yourself or other people stops you from seeing a situation clearly, go into every situation with an open mind and give people the benefit of the doubt.

BONUS TIP - The best ant killer is not Raid, it's a pen & paper (or the notes app) when having a negative thought simply write it down and ask yourself if its true (really true) if not dismiss it. If the thought is true see if there is anything that you can rationally do about it, remember if it's out of your control its not worth worrying about.

Dr. Joe Dispenza 🧠 - Degree in Biochemistry with an emphasis on Neuroscience

Recognize your personality creates your personal reality

"You create what you think" - Buddha

By looking into the chemicals our brain and body release when we are exposed to certain situations we begin to understand why (biologically) we start to feel.. feelings.

Our body's take in millions of data points from 5 separate senses simultaneously, it is up to our brain to sum of the series of events and convey a message to our body in the way of a feeling. this could be positive in the release of dopamine, serotonin and other endorphins when we see a loved one or complete a challenging task. On the other hand our body's can release cortisol or norepinephrine to signal fear or anxiety in times of fight or flight. Using this knowledge we can see patterns in peoples personalities, often positive/negative. Our brains get used to feeling certain emotions and feel comfortable in the familiar (our amygdala highjacking our prefrontal cortex) to shine a positive or negative light on an otherwise neutral situation and stopping us from thinking logically.

Dr Joe Dispenza is a firm believer in meditation as a way to line up of mind and our body to achieve the life we really want.

Mediation for everyone's sanity ☀️

The first step is to find a place that your are comfortable, relaxed and free from distraction. When you enter this place it will signal to your mind that it is time to let your guard down to fully process what is happening. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breath (feel free to put some guided meditation instrumental on low volume)

To enter into a meditative state the fastest Breathe in for 4 Seconds, Hold for 7 seconds and release the breath for 8 seconds.

this will increase the blood flow to your prefrontal cortex (the most evolved part of the human brain responsible for logical thinking & planning) to allow you to enter a growth mindset verses a fixed one.

Seneca - Roman Stoic Philosopher 4BC-65AD 🤴

Seneca popularized the understanding over 2000 years ago that the present is where happiness exists, the future is full of anxiety and the past full of depression. Therefore we must practise living in the present to fully embrace life in all its glory.

In todays technological age it is harder than ever to fully embrace the present thus making it even more important to be conscious. Awareness of your surroundings is easier said than mentally cultivated. Ask any monk with years of practice how long it took them to live in the present and they will respond that they are still on their path there.

Simple habits to Live in the present 🧘‍♂️

Put down your technology when your attention is required even in the slightest. An example of this could be in the way of a family member talking to you, make it a habit to put your phone away, take the airpods out and listen with the upmost presence on that conversation.

I guarantee that person will look at you in a new light knowing that you find them more important than whatever was online.

I have recently found it extremely useful to isolate myself from technology and other distractions when i'm eating, this has given me a newfound respect for food by focusing on all the different smells, tastes and colours. The same is true when you are in nature, if you find yourself at a dog park or in a nice outdoor setting pay close attention to all the sounds, smells and feelings your have about that place. With practise you will start to recognize the feelings of positivity and inner peace and more often embrace them.

Bonus tip for instant happiness ⭐️ - Write down 10 things each morning you're grateful for (the warm sheets, the sturdy house, your hard working limbs. Again at night take mental note of 10 things you're grateful for that went well that day; Great conversation with spouse, found a fun new song, lived another day.

Go ahead and thank yourself for reading this article as well as applying these practises, and don't forget to do the community a great service by sharing it to spread the knowledge of positivity to others in these trying times.

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