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Becoming a CEO at 20 Years Old.

Leaving your stable 9-5 Job is a big step for anybody and an even bigger ask when you have mouths to feed and bills to pay. In this short post I will show you the 4 confidence building techniques I used to overcome my fears so you can become the Badass Business owner that you've always dreamed of.

Step 1. Find Out what gives you Personal Satisfaction

This is where the "Constantly Changing World" plays on your side, with evolving job market you can find an income doing just about anything. Take Podcasts for example, many people love talking sports and banter about the team rivalry's. Podcasts allow you to broadcast your conversations to potentially millions of people instantly and make a career out of it by gaining sponsorships from online advertisers.

- Write out 1 thing per day you find SATISFACTION in doing

After 1 month you will find that a lot of your daily habits could be income generating businesses, If you are unhappy in your current occupation (just like %50 of canadians) It is time for change. Happiness and dissatisfaction are created in our own minds, ONLY partake in the activities that bring you joy, life is to short to be miserable within your own control.

Step 2. Have a Burning Desire.

Desire is what will set you out from the rest of the pack. To achieve this you must develop GOALS (not fluff - I want to be rich) REAL goals are time bound (3 years), realistic and specific (attach a $ figure to your goal ex. 1 million). Once you have this goal you must identify your means of achieving it - ex. "I will generate this capital by gathering leads and increased revenues for business as well as organizing a marketing plans"

When this goal is set and means for achieving the goal is reached you HAVE to write it out and place it where you will see it on a daily basis Ex. bathroom mirror or car windshield.

This is the basic principle taught by 7 figure earner Ed Mylett - "Your obsessessions become your possessions" the more you associate yourself with this belief the chances of you attaining them multiply at an exponential rate.

Step 3. Accountability

Every venture has up's and down's, weather you are deciding to get your teen a phone for the first time or starting a business. To weather the harsh emotional climate, successful people from all walks of life pride themselves in what they do. When you are deciding to reach your goals and take the leap of faith MAKE SURE to announce it to others, this is the same concept of accountability that people exercise when go to the gym with friends (pun intended). Use of social media can aid your self-determination by holding yourself accountable over a wide variety of social groups.

Step 4. Have a PLAN

With everything project successful entrepreneurs embark in they hold one skill in common, planning. Planning is essential to take on a birds eye view of your idea and test its soundness in the real world. Complete Business Plans should consist of theses items:

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Consumer Profile

  3. Goals and Objectives

  4. Products and Services

  5. Human Resources

  6. Strategic Alliances

  7. Territory

  8. Competitors

  9. Marketing Plan

  10. Financial Forcasts

When this business plan is complete you will have a realistic decription of the business you are starting and how you will make it successful. The BEST PART of a business plan is: with accurate financial forecasts and a sound idea you could be entitled for a grant from government sponsored programs (Futurpreneur in Ontario, Grants up to $15,000) As well as a generous loan from banks.

Don't be caught in these common business plan TRAPS:

  1. Overstated Financial Forecasts

  2. Failed marketing plan

  3. Lack of confidence

  4. Lack of market research

  5. No Competitive Advantage.

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